I am Ajay, a software developer with an urge to learn new stuffs

I am a graduate student at the "Department of Computer Science" - University of Southern California pursuing my Masters degree starting Fall 2015. Graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science and Engineering from KLS Gogte Institute of Technology, India in 2012. After that, I worked as a software engineer at Persistent Systems Limited, India. At USC, I have done projects on web Technologies and Algorithms. I'm here to expand my insight and technical expertise in the field of Computer science.

My Skills

Programming Skills

Following are the skills that I am cntinously learning to acheive mastery.

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90% Complete
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80% Complete
80% Complete
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Tools, Utilities and Environment

Followng are the tools and utilities that I have used in my professional or academic career.

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80% Complete
Azure Cloud
70% Complete
SQL Server
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Entity Framework
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MVC design
80% Complete
Apache Server
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81% Complete

My Journey

May 2012
  • Graduated from KLS Gogte Institute of Technology
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science & Engineering
  • Aug 2008 - June 2012

  • Percentage: 79.12%

Oct 2012
  • Software Engineer at Persistent Systems Limited
  • 1. Was trained on .Net framework, C#, Asp.Net MVC, Azute Cloud etc.
    2. Developed a full stack mini-project which could be used to bid and sell airline parts. Used technologies Azure Services, C#, HTML5, Angular JS etc. Hosted this application on Azure cloud.
  • Oct 2012 to June 2014

Dec 2013
  • Icon Player in international level hackathon
  • Was selected as an Icon player (team leader) for the team sCReaMers in the international level hackathon, "Semicolons" organized by Persistent Systems Ltd. Our team developed mobile application to support the marketing agents.
July 2014
  • Promoted to Senior Software Engineer
  • I was pormoted to next level, with this my responsibilities incresed and I made justice to the position given to me.
  • July 2014 - July 2015

Jan 2015
  • Joined Intuit Inc. as a Software Devloper on contract
  • Moved to Bangalore to join Intuit Inc. India Development Center to work as a devloper on one of the project that was started from scrach in Dec 2014.
  • Jan 2015 - July 2015

Aug 2015
  • Started schooling at Univeristy of Southern California
  • Master of Science in Computer Science.
  • Aug 2015 -May 2017

  • Fall, 2015 Semester Courses
  • CSCI 561 : Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
    CSCI 570 : Analysis of Algorithms
  • Aug 2014 - Dec 2014

  • GPA: 4.00

  • Spring, 2016 Semester Courses
  • CSCI 402 : Operating Systems
    CSCI 571 : Web Technologies
  • Jan 2016 - May 2016



Getting organized in the normal routines of life and finishing little projects you've started is an important first step toward realizing larger goals. If you can't get a handle on the small things, how will you ever get it together to focus on the big things?

POC on Plugin framework

  • Modeled and programmed a POC to demonstrate the quick setup of the web application that could be hosted on cloud as well on in-house server using plug-in framework, where the plugins will not have interdependency between each other.
  • Supported pay as you use model and multitenant platform.
Technologies used: Asp.Net MVC, C# and MEF. Hosted on Azure cloud.

Token bucket emulation

  • Emulated a traffic shaper which transmits packets controlled by a token bucket filter. Designed token generator, consumer and token bucket. Used multi-threading concepts to run independent tasks in parallel.
Technologies used: C, Ubuntu, GDB, Multi-threading

Next move predictor for Mancala game

  • Implemented next move predictor agent in a two person game called Mancala using Greedy algorithm, Minimax algorithm and Alpha-Beta pruning algorithm. Used different heuristics to increase the chances of winning for current player.
Technologies used: Java

Android mobile app for marketing agents

  • Was a hackathon project developed for marketing agents with features like customer details, customer history, google maps integration, task manager, calender etc.
  • I implemented the complete backend for the android mobile app used by sales and marketing agents.
Technologies used: Asp.Net Web Api, C#, AngularJS, Cordova, HTML5, Jquery

Campus Recruitment System

  • Developed an end to end desktop application POC for supporting the campus recruitment system of the institution.
  • System supported the students by enrolling them and broadcasting the information regarding the recruiting companies that will be visiting the campus.
Technologies used: Java

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