Welcome to my Webpage

Welcome to my webpage. Please check back soon for more updates. Thank you!

November 2013: Published new article about how adding alumina reduces clustering in rare earth lasers, enabling nanowatt lasing thresholds and improved efficiency. Check it out at Optics Express here.

September 2013: I have developed a microlaser-based optical sensor with up to 60-fold improved sensitivity, signal to noise, and time resolution. Please see the article at Applied Physics Letters here.

July 2012: JoVE manuscript and video on fabrication of toroid and sphere resonators has been published online here.

March-May 2012: Published recent work on high refractive index sol gel coatings. Please see the publications section for more information.

September, 2011: My research on optical waveguides has been published in Optics Letters. Click here to read it!