Lisa Scaria

University of Southern California

B.S. Electrical Engineering

M.S. Computer Science

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This website is currently under construction. Hopefully, by the end, I can give you an overview of my courses, life and interest. In the process I would also like to learn and improve my HTML/CSS skills which currently are at level 0.







Relevant Coursework:

Intro to Electrical Engineering (EE105)

Intro to Digital Logic (EE101)

Computational Methods (EE150)

Linear Circuits (EE202)

Digital Circuits (EE 201)

Physical Electronics (EE 338)

Electromagnetics (EE 330)

Signals and Systems (EE 301)

Computer Organization (EE 357)

Probability and Statistics for Electrical Engineers (EE 503)

Computer System Organization (EE 457)

Robotics (CSCi 445)

Software Design (EE 355)

Operating Systems (CSCI 350)

Playing with HTML

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