About Me

I am a Graduate student at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles majoring in Computer Science with the interested domains of Operating Systems, Algorithms and Web Application Development. People find me to be an upbeat, self-motivated team player with excellent communication skills. I have a year of professional experience on the platforms of javaScript, Java, NodeJS, HTML5, CSS, C/C++, Ruby on Rails, SQL and more.

Experienced in Web Application Development and Full Stack Development on Core Banking business modules being Associate Software Engineer in Misys R&D, Bangalore, India. Had been an active member of Islamic Banking Development Project in Fusion Banking Essence team.

I am currently seeking for Full time opportunities in the domains of Software Engineering and Development

  • Best Employee Spot Award, June 2015, Misys
  • All India 3rd in Stock Exchange Web Application Dev Hackathon, Nov 2014, Misys
  • Best Project of Computer Science Dept, April 2014, NIT
  • Student Secretary and Sports Council President, NIT

Professional and Academic Experience

August 2016 - May 2017


Teaching Assistant

May 2016 - August 2016


Software Engineer Intern

June 2014 - June 2015


Assoicate Software Engineer, Front End Specialist and Full Stack Developer


Master Degree - May 2017

University of Southern California

Master of Science in Computer Science

Courses Compeleted
  • Analysis of Algorithms (CSCI 570)
  • Operating Systems (CSCI 402)
  • Web Technology (CSCI 571)
  • Database Systems (CSCI 585)
  • Professional Writing and Communication for Computer Scientists (CSCI 598)
  • Directed Research (CSCI 590)
  • Applied Natural Language Processing (CSCI 544)
  • Information Retrieval and Web Search Engines (CSCI 572)

Bachelors Degree - May 2014

National Institute of Technology

Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering


jQuery 90%
JAVA 90%
C/C++ 85%
JSP 60%

My Projects

  • Professional
  • Masters
  • Bachelors
  • Work with engineers in the team to learn Ruby on Rails stack and other technical knowledge required to implement features

  • Spend time with other experienced engineers to learn about engineering best practices and agile processes at Zest

  • Work with engineers and product team to implement features based on a set of business requirements

  • Participate in engineering talks and demos to learn about innovative work in other engineering teams

  • End of summer presentation – topic to be decided between you and your mentor/manager

  • Product Development of Islamic Banking. Worked critically on the development of front end of the Web based application of Islamic Banking on the platforms of JavaScript , JSP , HTML, SpringRoo and Java

  • Error handling framework for the product on JavaScript, JSP and Spring Roo java controller (Aspect oriented programming)

  • Development of Islamic Banking business modules on JavaScript, Jsp driven by Java and DB2

  • Involved in the development of Rule Engine module for the product involving parsing using javacc parser and dynamic generation of .drl to compute the rule

  • Automation of the build deployment onto the developer’s environment using Apache ant and Java technologies

  • Performance optimization and enhancement of business screens to match the SLA of 3 sec using java visualVM and handling of Data structures in JavaScript

  • Localization of Business screens using jQuery and JavaScript from Arabic to English and back

  • Developed a web application on live Stock Trading during HACKATHON 2014, MISYS

“Kashflow” is a money-management application which enables the user to keep track of his / her financial transactions, in turn recommending best suitable banking products or credit cards for his/her efficient usage. The app helps those who handle multiple accounts and finding it difficult to decide the best card or account to execute the transactions from and thus optimizing the overall benefits / offer.
  • Scrapped credit card information through the tool of PARSEHUB

  • Extracted the key features of the credit card bonus offer using CRF Suite (Conditional Random Fields)

  • Annotated the training dataset using the key tags and trained the model with the same

  • Designed the complete process flow for the project KashFlow

  • Built a chatbot that recommends restaurants based on a conversation with the user

  • Chatbot interacts through the terminal and speech inputs

  • The Chatbot focuses on three key factors namely user’s preferred CUISINE TYPE, LOCATION and PRICE based on the user’s conversation

  • The Chatbot’s architecture is based on the following four components of Speech Synthesis, Natural Language Understanding, Speech Synthesis, Dialogue Management / Natural Language Generation, Sentimental Analysis

  • Technology used: NLTK Toolkit, Python, PocketSphinx

  • Built a toy search engine on the platform of JAVA with the backend support of Apache Solr

  • Implemented Autocomplete, Spell Check and Snippet features for any given search

  • Built the search engine for the domain of NEWS Search based on the crawled data of two famous news sites of HuffingtonPost and LATimes

  • Built Network Graph using Networkx library in Python and implemented the PageRank Algorithm

  • Compared and studied the performance of PageRank Algorithm vs Solr Search Algorithm

  • Persisted the given Bank Transactions

  • Sorted them in their increasing Time Stamp

  • Output on Terminal in a meaningful format with at most precision

  • Developed a time driven Token bucket emulation for servicing of the packets depending upon the number of tokens required for each packet and calculated the statistics of the entire simulation

  • It was implemented with help of POSIX's Pthreads and Mutex

  • Implemented the complete VIRTUAL MEMORY, VIRTUAL FILE SYSTEM and PROCESS/THREAD procedures of WEENIX kernel

  • Process and thread creation, process scheduling, context switching and synchronizing mechanism inside the kernel

  • Handled all the file system call functions

  • Polymorphism of virtual file system and virtual memory using the various file objects

  • Implementation of the kernel address space

  • Virtual to physical address translation and mapping of file/anon/ shadow objects

  • Handled good and bad segmentation fault to implement fork with copy on write

  • Design and build advanced application for the iOS platform

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design, and implement new features

  • Work with outside data sources and API’s

  • Work on bug-fixing and improving application performance

  • Continuously discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies to maximize development efficiency

  • Develop Responsive Web Application which could retrieve the live stock Details of the provided Stock

  • Integrated HighCharts API

  • Integrated MarkitOnDemand API

  • Bing search for News Feed

  • Responsiveness for mobile and tablets

  • PHP Hosted on Google Cloud Platform

  • Development was on the platforms of javaScript, Bootstrap, JQuery, HighCharts, HTML, CSS and PHP

  • Collection Co-ordinates of real spatial data (latitude and longitude) and generate the KML file using the co-ordinates

  • Visualize the KML file on Google Earth Viewer

  • Convert the KML file into shape file using ArcGIS online Viewer

  • Calculate the CONVEX HULL (polygon) with the given co-ordinates

  • Calculate the 3 Nearest Neighbors from a given point, generate the KML file and visualize it on the google earth

  • Count the number of instance of all the letters in given document / Text Files using the concept of Map Reduce

  • Became familiar with the installation and usage of Apache Pig

  • Installed VirtualBox and executed Apache Pig as a Virtual Image

  • Developed Pig Scripts to perform the Mapping, Shuffling and Reducing over the provided Text Files as input

  • Enhanced the Letter count to Vowel Count

  • Built a working prototype of a Gesture Controller Robotic Arm which could replicate the live motions of a human arm

  • Titled as the Best Final Year Project of Department of Computer Science, National Institute of Technology Puducherry

  • Tech Stack includes ATMega128rfa1, ATMega168, Rotary Encoder sensors, Serveo Motors, Aluminium Sheets, Arduino Studio, Eclipse, Embedded C/C++ and JAVA

Contact Me

2632 Ellendale Place, Los Angeles,
CA 90007, USA

Call me : +1(201)-665-8262

E-mail : louisarg@usc.edu