• Software Engineer
  • CityGrid Media
  • July 2012 - Present
  •     Optimized Maven pom for API team project.
  •     Created a Web App for sales people interact with Oracle Database based on Python.
  •     Created Netezza Retention Tool to reclaim obsolete tables using Python.
  •     Configured Qlikview Server with Active Directory.
  •     Created report using Business Object.
  •     Continuous Integration via Jenkins
  • Summary
  •     Solid background in software development and testing. Adept Python, Java programming language, web technology and so on. Used Continuous Integration.
  •     Strong at Object Oriented development, design patterns.
  •     Experience with Oracle, Netezza, and PostgreSQL database, Amazon S3.
  •     Knowledge of Agile Software process.
  •     Reliable team member with strong problem resolving skills.
  • Graduated from University of Southern California
  • May 2012
  • Master in Computer Science

    Grad School