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Welcome (Willkommen, Bienvenue, Bienvenido, Ahlan Wa Sahlan, & Sohm Swaakoh) to the
My World Photography Project!

We are a non-profit organization that teaches both photography and peaceful conflict resolution to children in and out of conflict areas. Our goal is to connect children from around the world through the sharing of photography in order to bridge cultural gaps and create a common understanding of equality amongst them.


We are pleased to announce that the CREAR Association, a non-profit organization for schools located in Samara Beach, Costa Rica has invited us to work with the children in their after-school program this summer.

The first University My World Student Organization was founded at USC on April 18, 2012. The organization will not only work with students in surrounding Los Angeles Schools, but also fundraise and hold gallery exhibitions on and off campus for the children's pages.

Thank you everyone who made donations to the My World Project this December. We raised over $2,000 which will be used to purchase digital cameras to substitute the original disposible cameras the children used in the past.