The BRICK is in hibernation. Please do not disturb.

This is my robot, BRICK!
Right now all it can do is shine some lights, beep, and move a little, which is admittedly a bit more than a real brick. Hopefully that'll get fixed soon...so it becomes even less like a real brick, of course.
It can now sing the fight song! FIGHT ON!...and move around a little. But that's it for now.

As for me, I'm a Computer Science (Games) major, and this is my first time programming a robot. I'm also interested in history and music.


LAB 1: Sensors and Movement

LAB 2: Fibonacci Spiral

Lab 3: Robot Behaviors


HOMEWORK 1: Robot Talent Show

HOMEWORK 2: Robot Games

HOMEWORK 3: Urban Search and Rescue

HOMEWORK 4: Mars Rover


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Andrew Lee :: 11.11.2012
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