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Involvement Fair '07

The Lebanese Club at USC will be participating in the Involvement Fair during the first week of school in August. So come meet some of the club officers and members as we will have our a table set up on Trousedale.

We will also be selling the NEW Lebanese Club T-shirt. So come and be one of the first to have it. We will also have sign up sheets to our mailing list for all those who are interested in the Lebanese Culture and Heritage and want to be part of the Club.


Dissociation From LCL

The Lebanese Club at USC has withdrawn its support of the LCL. Please contact us for more information.


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07/07/02 Announced Involvement Fair. Removed LCL Dissociation Annoucement.

Added pictures from Byblos Dinner.

07/04/04 Updated announcements. Added Byblos and BBQ events.

07/03/04 Added Paintball event pictures to events.

07/02/21 Added Feb 13, 2007 Minutes.

07/02/16 Updated upcoming events. Added paintballing.

07/02/08 Added Meetings for meetings on Jan.16 and Jan 30 on Club Info page.

07/02/01 Added pictures from the Phoenicia Restaurant dinner (Dec 3 2006) and Bowling Night (Jan 31 2007).



Lebanese Club at the University of Southern California



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