About Me

I am a graduate student in the Department of Psychology at University of Southern California. My research area is Quantitative Methods and I work with Dr. Richard John. I am originally from Riau, Indonesia

Research Interests

Decision making, behavioral game theory, cybersecurity, deterrence, risk perception, design of experiments, computational modeling, applied probability


University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA (Jul 2014 - Current)
MA, PhD in Psychology

Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN (Aug 2010 - May 2014)
Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Statistics

Current Research Affiliations

Research Activities

  1. Modeling a three player behavioral game with cyber attackers, defenders and users with simulations and behavioral experiments (CREATE) (ongoing) - Demo of game available online, designed with o-tree
  2. Analysis of tradeoff values for passwords as a method of authentication (CREATE) (ongoing)
  3. Designing and compiling a web app that simulates a cyber environment as a means to study deterrence in a cyber security context (collaboration between CREATE and Dr. Jim Blythe at USC Information Sciences Institute (ISI) )
  4. Setup and design of behavioral experiment in cyber defense on DETERLab at ISI in collaboration with Sandia Research Corporation and Dr. Nancy Cooke at Arizona State University (July 2015 - March 2016)
  5. Research on probabilistic trees predicting reaction time and running experiments at the Schweickert Lab at Purdue University with Dr. Richard Schweickert (June 2013 - August 2013)
  6. Conducting statistical analysis and running experiments at the Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab at Purdue University with Dr. Sebastien Helie (October 2012 - May 2014)


  • Kusumastuti, S., Rosoff, H., & John, R.S. (2016). Trade-offs among Attributes of Authentication (in review)
  • Kusumastuti, S., Cui, T., Tambe, A., & John, R.S. (2015, March). A behavioral game modeling cyber attackers, defenders, and users. AAAI Spring Symposium 2015 on Applied Computational Game Theory. PDF


Sarah A Kusumastuti
Department of Psychology
3620 McClintock Ave
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, California, USA

e-mail: sarah [at] kusumastuti [dot] com


  • My CV
  • R - essential open source statistical language
  • Python - essential programming language
  • o-tree - platform for designing online interactive behavioral economics experiments (developed based on z-tree)
  • Mendeley - free journal article organization software, makes life as a graduate student easier
  • American Cinematheque - L.A. cinematic society with many film events and screenings at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood (I volunteer here!)
  • Open Source Web Design - where I got this website template, specifically "Refreshed" by JoshPowell