Brief Biography

Hi, I am Kuai YU, a 24 year old 'junkie' with a passion in computer programming. I was born in Shanghai, a beautiful city of China. I obtained my bachelor degree in Software Engineering at Shanghai Jiaotong University.


In 2010, I became a graduate student majoring in Computer Science (general track) at University of Southern California. I love this beautiful campus and love to chat with variety of people (engineers, artists, educators, etc) for their alluring ideas, as well as their talented skills. Nowadays I am seeking for a good job opportunity where I can utilize my knowledge in a practical way.

Professional Interest and Expertise

Basically I'm interested in the technical aspects of using computers as a communications tools, or a computing resourse, such as computer networks and web development. I'm also interested in technologies concerning computer graphics or user interface design. In practice that translates into things like:

  • Web development using both front-end and back-end technologies (HTML, CSS, Ajax, DOM, JQuery, PHP, Servlet etc)
  • Database development with Mysql or Oracle (PL/SQL)
  • Socket programming under Unix environment
  • Paralell programming using MPI/OpenMP
  • Game development using Opengl
  • Graphics rendering using shader languages (CG/GLSL)
Course List
  • Analysis of Algorithm
  • Database Systems
  • Web Technologies
  • Parallel Programming
  • Computer Networks
  • Operating Systems
  • Multimedia Systems Design
  • 3-D graphics and Rendering
Academic Projects

Ocean Simulation (Video)

There are different approaches for simulating ocean surface: Navier-Stokes equation based methods, procedure noise based method, and statistic model based method. The method we used in our project is FFT based statistic model.

Probabilistic Points-to Analysis(PAPER)

This is a static analyzer for java source code. It generates the points-to relationship between the references and objects with probabilities to tell how likely the relations will hold at a specified point in a program.

Database and Information System of Human Biorepositories(PPT)

This project is sponsored by Shanghai Renji Hospital. We use LDAP to manage the user authorization, and use FLEX to build the user interface.

Mini Java

MiniJava is a subset of Java. This project is to build a MiniJava Compiler including Lexical Analysis, Parsing, Abstract Syntax and Type Checking.

BTF Rendering Test (Video)

This is a shader rendering framework, which uses BTF (Bidirectional Texture Function) to generate different texture samples, combining PCA (Principle Component Analysis) to improve the realistic rendering effect for the cloths material.

Flighting Simulator (Video)

"Flighting Simulator" is a game coursework, which covers the basic elements of a game product, including dynamic terrain, collision detection, AI, particle system, etc. It is also the first time I know what is OpenGL

SE Gobang

Gobang game is one of the oldest brain sports that you might recollect. In this game, you can challenge the computer intelligence or play with online competitors through the networks. We provided both 2D and 3D modes for this game.

About Me

I like reading, especially science fictions. My favorite science fiction is "Vingt mille lieues

sous les mers."


I began to learn violin when I was 3 years old. My favorite violinists are Itzhak Perlman and Jascha Heifetz.


Recently I watched the TV episodes "the big bang theory", it tells stories about the nerds. I do the nerd test and it turns out I'm high-nerd...


My favorite sports are pingpang and hiking.


Here is an aphorism that I like most:


...Nobody has devoted so much time and thought to composition as I. There is not a famous master whose music I have not studied over and over.


---- by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart