ISE 525 Design of Experiments
Spring Semester 2010
M,W 2:00 - 3:20 pm PST
OHE 100C


12/29/09     The first class session will be held on 1/11/10. The syllabus is available through the link below.
                Students should visit the USC Distance Education Network Blackboard site ( for additional information.

12/29/09      Additional registrations in the on-campus and off-campus sections
                for the Spring 2010 semester are being controlled via D-clearances
                because we are near the class size limit. Students interested in
                joining the class should contact the ISE Student Services Office
                at (213)740-4893 to request a D-clearance.
                This course will be offered again in the Summer 2010 semester.
                If you have the flexibility in your degree program to delay taking
                ISE 525 until the summer semester, please consider allowing another
                student who needs to take the course this spring to do so.

3/28/05     Be aware: All students registering for the DEN section will be required to pay the $500 DEN fee.
                 No student will be allowed to transfer from the DEN section to the on-campus section.

10/29/03     Minitab statistical analysis software is demonstrated throughout the lectures.
                   Students are not required to use Minitab; however, use of an appropriate
                   statistical analysis software is necessary. Minitab is an excellent product for
                   our purposes. Release 15 is recommended. Alternatives would include
                   Matlab or S-Plus. On-campus students will find Minitab installed in GER 309
                   and all ITS PC laboratories. Off-campus students may visit
                   for information about purchasing or renting Minitab.

Spring '10 Syllabus