Kathy Maria Andrade

My daughter and I.

Greetings!  My name is Kathy Andrade and I live in Orange County, CA.  I received a Bachelor's Degree in Geography from California State University, Long Beach in 2002 where I was introduced to GIS.  I worked for the Southern California Wildfire Hazard Lab collecting data in the Santa Monica Mountains working with GIS and with digital image processing and remote sensing software.  I also worked for IT Corporation as an assistant engineer in a storm drain mapping project for Caltrans.  I veered a bit after that and started my own business unrelated to GIS. I have come back to my career through the USC GIST program and was fortunate to receive the opportunity for an internship with Edison Mission Energy working in their evironmental department mainly working on wind energy projects which I completed this month.  I am currently in the process of completing my thesis.