At the end of the semester, some students in the special topic course: Advanced Dishwashing (DW 687) found out that they are in the borderline of passing the course. However, Professor Mike is being very generous and decides to give five extra points to the student who shows up first on the final exam at 8AM. To get the ā€œPā€ for this class, these students are going to compete for the first place without any hesitation. Game on!

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Student School Ability
Viterbi Dragon Breath
Marshall Gold Attack
Keck Shield
Cinema Time freeze
Gould Nitro
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Vehicle Type Skill
Sedan Exp*2 Beginner...but learn faster!
Taxi Coin*2 Money is my life.
Sport CDR*1.5 Can you see my rear lights?
Ambulance HP++ Get out of my way~
Police ATK*1.2 Freeze!
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Tina Wang
Penny Chiao
FBM Project