Keith DeRuiter

    I am a senior majoring in Computer Engineering and Computer Science at USC.    
I also play clarinet in the Trojan Marching Band!

You can download a pdf copy of my resume here.

I enjoy both listening to and writing music, and especially experimenting with synthesizer sounds. My SoundCloud can be found here if you'd care to take a listen.

These are the classes I am taking this semester (Spring 2014):
Course Number Course Name
CSCI 430 Computer Network Security
ITP 435 Professional c++
EE 459 Senior Design: Embedded Systems
WRIT 340 Advanced Writing
MUEN 324 University Concert Band

Other interesting projects/activities I've done:
CS200 Side Scrolling Game Java Project High School Engineering Projects Boebot Music Freshman Academy Project
SS12 Caretaker for the Elderly
I also did a more advanced Boebot ensemble with Isaac Schankler in the MuCoaCo lab.

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