Kelly Wright

University of Southern California M.S. GIST December 2016
University of Texas at Austin B.A. Geography 2001-2004
The Ohio State University Studies in Molecular Genetics 1998-2001

Katherine “Kelly” Wright is a Master’s Student in the GIST Program at the University of Southern California. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Geography from the University of Texas at Austin, 2004.

Kelly works as an intern at the Ohio Department of Transportation in the Office of Technical Services, performance-testing new data and software releases in Ohio’s traffic information management system, TIMS

Kelly has developed a mobile app and Web GIS as a strategy for the eradication of the Chigoe flea in sub-Saharan Africa.

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SSCI 591: Web GIS

Week 2 HTML5 Page
Week 3 Javascript Page
Week 4 Simplest Google Maps Page
Multiple Maps of Ohio
Rich Marker Map - State Parks of Ohio
Week 5 Kelly KML Demo
Clustered Markers Demo
Animated Map
Week 6
Week 7 kawright AppBuilder Map #1
Chigoe Flea App Prototype
Week 8 Jigger Eradication (Final Project) Proposal
First Web Application
Web App with Buffer Tool
Appalachian Trail M/App with Legend
Kelly's Shorebird Sightings
Final Project Chigoe Flea Eradication Project

Neglected Tropical Diseases

Neglected Tropical Diseases at the World Health Organization

Kelly hopes to apply GIS toward the eradication of these diseases that, while not always fatal, are painful, humiliating, and debilitating. Successes by the Carter Center in the worldwide eradication the Guinea Worm--in part due to GIS analysis--allows us to hope that we can end the suffering brought on millions of people from T. penetrans, otherwise known as the Chigoe flea, or Jigger. Not to be confused with the chigger of North America, the Chigoe flea afflicts the poorest of the poor in tropical regions. While not native to Africa, T. penetrans was introduced by Europeans at the height of the Atlantic slave trade and now affects millions of people in sub-Saharan Africa.

Kelly is developing a WebGIS that different charitable organizations and government entities can access from disparate physical locations, across multiple (specifically mobile) platforms, beginning a collaboration between aid efforts that will eventually lead to the total eradication of the Chigoe flea and the freeing of disadvantaged populations from the ravages of this ectoparasite.


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