Web GIS - Geog 591

Spiro Katehis

About me:

Hello everybody, this is Spiro I currently reside in the sprawling metropolis of New York City in the borough of Queens. My background is in business I have a BBA in International Business, currently work in civil design engineering for a utility company, and I am in the certificate program this is my last class but I will towards the masters program next semester. Web GIS is very interesting to me because anyone can use it meaning that the user doesn't have to be GIS savvy. The Web GIS sites I have come into contact seem easy to use and provide lots of useful information to a user. Its also something I want to initiate at my current work as this is something new for my company and the possibilities are endless. In my career I would like to move into a more GIS based position where I use GIS on a daily basis because I enjoy using it and I love maps. I haven't worked on any Web GIS projects before this is new to me but I am excited to learn how to create one. This is me at the great Catalina trip last fall! :) 



You can e-mail me at: katehis@usc.edu