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Welcome note
I am a graudate student in Game Development at University of Southern California.
I graduate by Fall, 2013.
Here is a quick overview of my work and my projects at USC. To know more about me click here.
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Photo Two Thralled is an interactive thriller for iOS that features accessible mechanics, an original, riveting storyline, and a unique art style. With these assets, Thralled is targeted to appeal to a variety of audiences, gamer and non-gamer alike. The player will control the former slave Isaura as she searches for her son, reliving her past traumas in a nightmarish representation of one of the most devastating calamities in history - the transatlantic slave trade.
I am a programmer on this project. I have done all the touch input processing, interaction with objects, particle effects, physics and rope mechanics and I also layed out some of the levels in unity apart form helping in other tasks. It was a very exciting project this semester.
Post Date: 12-13-2012. View the trailer
Intern at TinyCo
Photo Two I interned as a Software Engineer(Game Developer) at TinyCo
So, what is TinyCo?
TinyCo makes beautiful, fun and engaging games that can be played anywhere on mobile devices. TinyCo's mission is to make millions of people happy five minutes at a time.
What did I work on ?
Guess! is a NEW word game that you can play with friends! Help your friends GUESS a word by providing hints–but don’t use the banned words! Will you be the word guessing master? The lord of clever hints? In Guess!, you can be silly, you can be smart, just don’t be boring!
You can download guess on ios devices here
If you have a smart phone, search for TinyCo on App Store and enjoy the games. My favorite ones are 'Guess', Tiny Monsters' and 'Vip Poker'
Post Date: 06-01-2012
Producer for CS 180
Photo Two I have been working as a producer for CS 180 under Prof. Colon. CS 180 is a course titled 'Survery of digital games and their technologies' in Computer Science game development. A producer is like a TA except that he is a masters student. This is a amazong class and I love working with Prof. Colon
Post Date: 01-09-2012
Software Developer at ISI
Photo Two I have been working as a software developer under Dr. Jihie Kim in a project titled 'Ped Games Development'. In short the project aims to teach high school students game development using game maker. I have developed a assessment program that assess the games submitted by students. I also help teachers teach students how to make games using game maker.
Post Date: 01-09-2012
Flow Master
Photo Two Flow master is a hip-hop music game for iphone and ipad
Flow master aims to teach the players hip hop songs lyrics in a fun and interactive way
Players can choose from a list of songs and different difficulty modes to test their skills on hip hop songs. I worked as level designer and programmer for this game.
Post Date: 21-2-2012. View the trailer
Project on Havok Physics
Photo Two Havok physics is the proven leader in real time collision detection and physical simulation solutions
in short Havok Physics deals with collision dynamics in games.
My team contains two other students with me as the team leader.
We are implementing some of the features of havok physics in the USC's Game Pipe Game Engine.
The features include ragdoll effects, character proxies, destructible walls and bridges etc.,
Post Date: 10-7-2011 · Click here for Full Details
Photo One ADD YOUR COLOR is a fun and strategic board game developed by me and my team.
It is a fun and strategic game.
We have released this board game in two versions. One for adults and one for kids. The kids version involves a lot of fun and te adult version involves some strategy.
We have playtested with many people and got very good reviews.
For a quick view, see this video. view ADD YOUR COLOR VIDEO
Post Date: 10-7-2011 · Click here for Full Details
Disaster Relief
Photo One Disaster Relief is a documentary board game aimed at real world problems like disasters, poverty etc.,
It is a strategic game.
Players solve disasters together and reach the goal by the end of the time. This is a cooperative game.
At the same time players will know the details about these disasters which happened earlier.
The disastes in this game are the real world disaster happened earlier in the world. We have chosen the worst disasters
For a quick view, see this video. view DISASTER RELIEF VIDEO
Return to Rapture
Photo One Return to rapture is a pitch for Downloadable Content (DLC) of Bio Shock 2
It is a multiplayer co-op campaign in Bio Shock 2.
Players choose from a set of similiar characters and they play together towards the goal.
Other player may add more strength to you by killing enemies or may slow you down and consume your healing power.