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Amazon.com - AWS Kinesis Connector to Elasticsearch

At my most recent internship at Amazon, I helped flesh out the AWS Kinesis ecosystem by building an open source connector to Elasticsearch. I got to design, implement and reinvent based upon customer feedback and feature requests during this exciting time of massive growth. Check out the Blog Post and code on GitHub!

AWS Elasticsearch Java Internship and Project Summer 2014 - Current

The USC Class Notifier (www.uscclassnotifier.com)

Another project I am currently working on is the USC Class Notifier. This solves a problem all students have - trying to get into full classes. Users sign up and select classes or sections to watch, and then get notified when spots open up. All data is scraped and synced from classes.usc.edu.

AWS Laravel 4 PHP Web Development Project Spring 2014 - Current

USC Alumni Association of the East Bay

A merit based scholarship given to USC students from the California East Bay based upon their accomplishments in the 2013-2014 school year. Just one of the many things the alumni association does, check out their website here.

Award June 2014

Bitium.com - Software and Devops Intern

I learned a ton with the awesome team at Bitium during the Spring of 2014. In true startup fashion I worked on a variety of things, such as building out internal dashboards, adding features to the main site, and of course bug fixing. The dashboards I built helped gain insight into AWS utilization and customer usage of the application.

Ruby on Rails AWS Web Development Internship Spring 2014

USC BioGram Application

An iOS app built specifically for the USC Body Computing Institute, we used the AliveCor case to take users' heart rates, allowing them to superimpose that image on a photo and upload the results to Twitter or Instagram. The app was developed with a team of four in USC’s advanced mobile apps class.

iOS Twitter API Instagram API AliveCor Heart Rate Project Spring 2014

Parq App

An entrepreneurial project between myself and two friends, Parq is a community marketplace for parking that allows users to list privately owned space for rent by others. Parq was built using a RESTful Node.js server on AWS to serve information to our web and iOS front ends.

Node.js AWS Web Development iOS Google Maps API Project Fall 2013

Amazon.com - Appstore Automatic Log Collection

My project provided the development team with the ability to view and search for production logs on a number of key device attributes. A client side service would upload logs when customers were experiencing issues, to be later processed and parsed into DynamoDB. An internal website would then query the database and return logs from S3 ready to be viewed in the browser.

AWS Web Development Java Android Internship and Project Summer 2013

Package Popper (On Google Play)

This was the product of a 24-hour hackathon Amazon put on for all interested summer interns. Our group of five developed this physics based game using LibGDX and Artemis, allowing for rapid development of an application which could run on Desktop, Android and HTML5. Check it out!

Java Libgdx Artemis Android Project Summer 2013

ATO Gilles Jones Scholarship Recipient

Scholarship given for top brotherhood involvement and giving back in order to assist undergraduates in their continuing education. Offered as one of many national Alpha Tau Omega Scholarships.

Award June 2013

Factory Project - Chipotle Simulation

A cornerstone of USC’s Computer Science curriculum, I worked with a group of twelve students to build a full factory simulation. The factory had a number of client front ends supported by a multithreaded backend running on a socket based Java server. I personally developed the client-server relationship which allowed any "manager" client to connect and control various aspects of the factory.

Java Project Fall 2012

Deloitte - Workday Integration Consultant Intern

I worked as an integration consultant helping new companies install the SaaS app Workday. I helped facilitate the data validation of over 50,000 client records using Java, XML, XSLT and Excel.

Workday Consulting Internship Summer 2012

Minesweeper Solver

The final project for an electrical engineering class, teammate Michael Bock and I developed a circuit which could accurately solve inputted games in 90% of all cases. We utilized a few basic solving strategies which proved to be widely applicable. Check it out on GitHub

Verilog Circuit Design Project Spring 2012

Presidential Scholarship Award Recipient

During high school, I was heavily invested in FUNDaFIELD, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization started by my friend and his older brother. Throughout those years we raised over $100,000 and took two trips to South Africa to host soccer tournaments on the fields we built. In recognition of our efforts, we were awarded with the President’s Volunteer Service Award (2008, 2009: Bronze. 2010: Gold).

Award 2008-2010

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