Jun-Bin Huang

Seeking a challenging Summer 2013 Internship as a software engineer.

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  • University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, May 2014(expected)

    • M.S. in Computer Science, current GPA 4.0

  • Northeastern University, Shenyang, China June 2012

    • B.S. in Computer Science, GPA: 89/100


  • Operatingt Systems:

    • Linux, Mac OS, Microsoft Windows

  • Programming:

    • C/C++, Java, Python(Django), Javascript, Java Servlets, HTML, CSS, XML

  • Databases:

    • MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server

  • Tools:

    • Unity3D, Eclipse, Tomcat/Apache Web Servers, Visual Studio 6.0, Photoshop


  • Tab Soccer(team lead, Fall 2012)

    • Achieved an interesting networked 2‐player Ipad game with Unity3D and JavaScript. The gameplay of which is considered extremely interesting by game industry people and other players.

  • Toy Car Wars(key member, Fall 2012)

    • Developed a multiplayer game with fun game element by combining toy cars with regular life stuff such as umbrella, fork, spring and hand‐wash. This game is rated by the instructor as weird and amazing.

  • HJB Forum(June 2012)

    • Realized a simple Django and Bootstrap powered forum which supports: 1. Registration; 2. Password retrieve; 3. Paging; 4. Authorization management; 6. Reflesh‐less reply, modification and deletion.


  • Intern @ Institute of Computer Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences(Sep 2011 - May 2012)

    • Implemented a server side Flash Crowd detection and packet admission control system, which protected the server from overloading and important session’s integrity when Flash Crowd happens.

    • Accomplished a packet capturing, parsing, filtering and forwarding system by applying Libpcap and Libnet.

    • Proposed a data structure which guarantees thread safety as well as performance by avoiding thread locks.


  • RA @ Chaos Fractal Research Lab, NEU(Fall 2010)

    • Assisted in the research on more effective chaos encryption algorithm.

    • Expanded image pixels to 8‐bit, transformed 2D data into 3D and applied a novel bit level 3D Cat map encryption algorithm which introduces a significant diffusion effect during permutation phase.


  • Analysis of Algorithms

  • Network Game

  • Advanced Mobile Game

  • Operatingt Systems

  • Web Technologies

  • Database Systems



  • Volunteer in The 11th Liaoning Games, China, Summer 2010

  • Member of Debate Team, Northeastern University, China(2009-2010)

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