Jun-Bin Huang

Seeking a challenging Summer 2013 Internship as a software engineer.

Tab Soccer

This is an interesting 2 player game. Players are divided into 2 sides, red one controling a red ball, yellow one controling a yellow ball. Both players are expected to control his/her own ball to kick a soccer into one of the 8 goals on the boarder of the play ground.

How to control your ball? Each ball has an initial random velocity, and in order to change to moving direction, players can tab a line on the screen, which results in the instantiation of a line shaped obstacle in the trajectory which you tabed. Your ball's movement is affected by the obstacle, which needs to be instantiated by yourself, according to the basic physic bouncy. In this way, player can make your own ball all the way to kick the soccer into one of the eight goals by finishing a set of tabs.

In addtion, regarding attacking and defensing, each player has three kinds of power ball: knife, bomb and freezer. Knife can split the opponent's ball or even his/her own side's; Bomb explodes in 5 seconds after "launched" and applies a force to the objects around it; Freezer can freeze a goal or the soccer for 5 seconds. In order to use the power, players need to tab the power on the sidebar and shoot the power in a way similar to shooting an angry bird. What's more, when different power balls come together, there will be different effects!

There are still 3 things need to be done. First, improving the way it looks(UI); Second, adding a single player mode(AI); Third, selling it on app store!

This game is developed Xiang-Ming Ju, Sudeep Malik and me.

Those who cannot access Youtube.com, please click here to see the video on Youku.com

Toy Car Wars

"This is a multi-player game/project for CS523, Networked Games Course on gamepipe in USC. We named the game 'Toy Car Wars', because the game mainly features on toy cars that fight each other in daily, common room in our life."

"All the players are divided into two teams, red and blue, in the game. At the beginning of the game, every team member is instantiated in its team room, and each team needs to grab a bomb, at the center of the map, then set the bomb in opponent team's room. During the grabbing process, cars of different team are expected to fight each other in order to stop and disturb others. There are 5 different weapons randomly created: machine gun, rocket launcher, fork, spring board, dish-wash, and corn. Players can catch and use them as tools or weapons to win the game. Besides, there are two basic tools, wings and umbrella, for cars to fly and avoid damage from falling to the ground severely."--- from Hsuan-Yueh Peng

This game is developed by Hsuan-Yueh Peng, Tian-Fu Dai and me.

Those who cannot access Youtube.com, please click here to see the video on Youku.com

HJB Forum

HJB Forum is a small forum powered by Django, Bootstrap and Ajax/Json. This is a small project driven by interest. It supports the following things:

  • Registration via email address
  • Retrieve password via email address
  • Paging
  • Authorization management
  • Reflesh‐less reply, modification and deletion

Flash Crowd Detection and Control

Flash Crowd Protector is a research project when I was interning at Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy in my senior year. It is a project deployed on the server side which aims to detect the occurance of Flash Crowd and protect both the server and certain important session based on time delay detection. My work includs the following aspects:

  • Using Libpcap(the Packet Capture Library) to capture packets
  • Parsing the protocal layers of packets,i.e ethernet -> IP -> TCP -> Http
  • Recording respond delay time and other statistic data for each session to detect the the health of servers
  • Using Libnet to forward the packet
  • When flash crowd happens, adjust packet admission strategy to protect the server from overloading and guarantee impoartant request's priority, for example, request in the middle of transaction by discarding large amount of connection request
  • As the server performance recovers, admit appropriate number of connection request to improve the utilization of the server resource.

Chaos-based Image Cipher

Chaos-based Image Cipher is a research I did with Professor Chong Fu at my junior year at NEU, China. We proposed a novel 3D Cat map based bit-level shuffling algorithm.

Baiscally, we expanded image pixels to 8‐bit, transformed 2D data into 3D and applied a novel bit level 3D Cat map encryption algorithm which introduces a significant diffusion effect during permutation phase.

the paper will be available online soon

Arm7 Game

This is a project I did at NeuSoft Co. when I was working on a certificate there. My responsbility including follows:

  • Programming on a LCD screen to display bit pictures and other game animations.
  • Implementing gameplay logic based on the detection of charactor position overlay