Jun-Bin Huang

We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give!

Doodle Life

During my leisure time, I like to draw pics of my family and friends. Check out!

My Big Family

Yeah! Unlike other one-child Chinese family, I was raised in a family of four Children. Now my brother and systers have all set up their own families and raised lots of kids! I miss them so much!

Mr. Smile

Mr. Smile is a guy who always smiles. The hand in the pic is actually mine! :) But it is a good picture which tells the story about “Smile to take fate by the throat!”

Mr. Sunshine

Mr. Sunshine is an optimistic guy who brings us lots of sunshine. The image shows he jumps really high at some beach of Florida

Mr. Good Guy

Mr. Good Guy is a good guy, or at least seems like one. He has a nerd outside but very cunning inside. He knows lots of stuff, and sometimes behaves like a serious professor. He is among the guys who I admire!

Mr. Awesome

Mr. Awesome is the guy who tends (or pretends) to be always awesome. This pic shows he can fly like a kite. Actually he is jumping off a high window! But unwitting people would always buy his story.

My Mom

This one shows my mom hurt hand when she was doing house stuff during Spring Festival of some years ago. Though she was happy eating peanuts!