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Jennifer M. Titus

Web GIS - SSCI 591

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Final Project for 591


Jennifer Titus is attending her forth semester as a Master’s student in the GIST Program at the University of Southern California.  In 2013, she graduated with her Bachelor of Arts and Sciences from the Evergreen State College.  She has presented guest lectures at the college level on the topic of using GIS and 3D modeling in historical archaeology field research and in the classroom. She also participated in a presentation during the Redford Conference in Archaeology in October, 2012.  While working at the Daniel J. Evans Library, she had the opportunity to organize and inventory the maps and resources for easier access by the students and faculty.  Most recently, Jennifer, with two fellow classmates began the development of a geodatabase for field work in archaeology which she intends to use as the base of her thesis project. She hopes to combine her knowledge of historical archaeology with the skills obtained at USC in order to create  accurate spatial analysis and models of historical spaces.



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