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J.Stitt GIST

Jennifer Stitt is a Master’s Student in the GIST Program at USC.  Currently she is a high school GIS/CAD educator.  She is also about to journey into the college world and will be working as an adjunct professor at Cuyamaca Community College. Jennifer enjoys the education side of GIS and project based learning through GIS and STEM.  Jennifer has over ten years of GIS experience ranging from industry to education. Jennifer started in the Arcmap 3.2 world!  She started her career at an oil and gas publishing company, and from there moved on to the Dallas Central Appraisal District where she worked alongside the cartographers.  Jennifer has also spent time working with Geospatial Training, GISEtc, and, with ACT reviewing science curriculum.  Jennifer is interested in how GIS infused in secondary education will increase spatial awareness and make our new generations better and more aware problem solvers.  She is set to graduate in 2013.