Welcome to Jorge Quero's video game portfolio!

Please check out the games I have designed and programmed. You can even play some of them, too!

Play some of the games I've designed and programmed!

To see more of my games, check out my commentary videos!


Roll down a hill as a plump cat named Hillbert in an original endless "runner."


Kirby's Adventure NES Remake

This is my emulation of the first level of Kirby's Adventure for NES. It's not 100% complete, but it's totally playable and almost like the real thing!


Super Mario Pinball

Play pinball Super Mario style!


Pokemon Gold Remake in GameMaker

This is my very brief emulation of Pokemon with some of my own added creative features. You can either play the beginning of the story or battle with random starter Pokemon from Pokemon Gold.

Adventure Mode Battle Mode

Pokemon Platformer in GameMaker

Behold the top-down games of Pokemon Gold and Silver transformed into a 2D platformer! Explore the area as Pikachu to find various randomly generated Pokemon. They currently can't hurt you, so you're safe to look around!


Slaughterhouse Live:
Chicken Fun

Play as Chad the Chicken, a slaughterhouse captive with the once-in-a-lifetime chance to make an escape. Maneuver through various death traps to make your way out of the slaughterhouse. Well, you may be able to escape in the finished version... which may be made in the future...


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