I am a graduate student majoring in Computer Science at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Before joining USC, I earned a B.Tech in Computer Science from National Institute of Technology, Karnataka in 2015.

My main interests lie in the field of Artificial Intelligence and solving difficult problems using various Machine Learning techniques. I also love developing fun and entertaining applications. Here is something interesting I developed this summer. I blog too.

I am working with Dr. Laurent Itti at iLab (USC), where I work on various Computer Vision tasks.

I am also working with Dr. Kevin Knight in the Natural Language Group at Information Sciences Institute.

Here is my Resume.


  • "Perfect Accuracy with Human-in-the-Loop Object Detection", (R. Brenner, J. Priyadarshi, L. Itti), European Conference on Computer Vision, 2016
  • "Hafez: an Interactive Poetry Generation System", (M. Ghazvininejad, X. Shi, J. Priyadarshi, K. Knight), ACL, 2017
  • "SemEval-2017 Task 9: Abstract Meaning Representation Parsing and Generation", (J. May, J. Priyadarshi), Proc. SemEval, 2017

Contact Me: jpriyada [at] usc [dot] edu, jaypriyadarshi0903 [at] gmail [dot] com