jacob  j.  peters
ph.  d    student
usc  geography
u. so. california


preferred: jjpeters[at]usc[dot]edu
office: 213.740.9646
fax: 213.740.0056.

curriculum vitae : jake_peters_cv.pdf

my quals / dissertation blog : disserter 2010

research interests :
free/open-source software, cyborgs, theories of social space, construction of race, politics of consumption, science fiction, water politics, utopias, pervasive computing, sound, marxist thought, gender and performance, and urban planning histories. whew.

i'm working on a project on free/open sourc software (foss) that explores international conferences as sites of producing particular trans-global imaginations about how and where foss can make interventions in social and economic processes. exploring relationships between technologies and the state, understanding code as a creative cultural product and questioning what freedom and justice might mean in foss projects are central to this work.

me in third person blurb form :
jake hails from the middle of nowhere (northern Minnesota) and his lifelong fascination with cities eventually brought him to Los Angeles. he made up his own degree (BA) at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, and called it "Theories of Space, Gender and Politics." after spending an extra year struggling through researching and writing his honors thesis about coffee shops and politics in the Inland Empire (Claremont, CA), jake took some time away from academia working in movie theaters and libraries in San Diego while learning to surf. he likes to ride his bike the city, is a big geek who enjoys building computers and furniture and feels more comfortable on skis than on foot.















this stuff means i'm not USC and might be a liar.
and i can't make it go away.
boo USC.