Jie GU 顾杰

Email: jiegu [at] usc.edu

This is my personal website with some collection of my academic and casual stuff.


University of Southern California, USAMSc Computer Science 2014

University of Southern California, USAMSc Biomedical Engineering 2012

University of Bristol, UKBEng Electrical and Electronics Engineering 2010

Software Projects



Programming LanguageC/C++, Java, Python

WebHTML, CSS, PHP5, JS, XML, DOM, Apache, AmazonWebService

ToolsWireshark, Eclipse, Matlab, OPNET

EnvironmentUNIX/Linux, Windows

Biomedical Publications

J. Gu, D. Jaramillo, P. Webster, M. A. Gundersen, C. Jiang, "Study of Oxygen Concentration Dependence of the Plasma-Induced Bactericidal Effect Against Enterococcus faecalis", Invited talk (Presented by C. Jiang), IEEE Pulsed Power & Plasma Science 2013, San Francisco, California. June 2013

J. Gu, A. Cobo, F. Yu, NC. Chi, TK. Hsiai, "Calcium Transients Imaging to Assess Conduction Phenotypes of the Adult Zebrafish Cardiomyocytes" Poster for BMES 2012 Conference, Atlanta, Georgia. October 2012

J. Gu, TK. Hsiai, "A Robust Adult Zebrafish Cardiomyocyte Isolation Protocol And Its Application In Calcium Transients Imaging" Master degree thesis, University of Southern California. May 2012

F. Yu, Y. Zhao, J. Gu, KL. Quigley, NC. Chi, YC. Tai, TK. Hsiai, "Flexible microelectrode arrays to interface epicardial electrical signals with intracardial calcium transients in zebrafish hearts" Biomed Microdevices. April 2012, [PMID: 22124886]

J. Gu, I. Craddock, "Breast Cancer Imaging With Improved DAS Algorithm", Undergraduate final year thesis, University of Bristol. April 2010


Photography digital and film photography, 35mm&120m