About this site

The picture above is the skyline of my birth city: Shanghai. I always love to sit beside the city's Huangpu river, just to watch this beautiful night view of the city and enjoy this peaceful moment after the busy and noisy daytime.

People are like cities, we have different styles, we may be busy everyday, but we should always keep a quiet and beautiful place in heart, for your beloved ones, for your dream, and take some time to think about what you should really do to make your life happy and meaningful.

This is the idea that inspires my design of this site, hope you like it.

About Me

I am a master student studying computer game development in usc. My dream is to design games that give people artistic feeling and inspiration, I'm very glad that it seems I'm getting closer to this dream. While I'm not developing games, I'm playing games, while I'm not playing games, I like playing tennis, watching movies and listening to classical music.


Always have so much to learn, to experience. Fight on!

I miss you all, dear families and friends.