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What is Jay?
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Well he's a classy stylish robot thats loves long rolls in the park or even a nice home movie.

How exciting right? He is just a normal guy just movin along and going with the progam. As for what he does? Jay loves

Here is some data from Jay's sensors and his buddies:

First Assignment

The differences in the sensors from the robots depends on where the robots were during the test and whether or not the sensors are received.
The links to their websites are: Thikanbot or Ameribot

As part of the first assignment, a program was written to utilize the robots sensor, movement, and suprise features.
The prelab shows the descriptions of what is to be expected from the robot's preformance


Here is a video of the expected program:Robot video

Fibonacci Spiral group work

In class, we recreated the Fibonacci spiral using code we wrote. Code of spiral
Dallas Heyden Andrew Yocca Michael Ciesielk

the spiral

Robot Behaviors

In our group we had our robots try different behaviors such as alive, coward, aggressive, timid, love and so on. All of these were based off of the light sensor. the code for the behaviors is hereJay's Behaviors
and heres the other robot websites:Candice Dechant Dallas Heyden Andrew Yocca

Second Assignment: the Olympics

Jay was supposed to compete in the maze portion of the olypmics while other members compete in their own events. This is the code for the Olympics.

Homework 3

Prelab: code for it Homework 3