Jerchern Lin

PhD candidate in Finance 
Finance and Business Economics
Marshall School of Business
University of Southern California

Welcome to my website!

This website shares my research and teaching information.

I am on the job market for 2011-2012, and will be available for interviews at
the FMA (Denver, Oct 19-22, 2011) and AFA (Chicago, Jan 6-8, 2012) meetings.
I received a bachelor degree in finance and mathematics from MSU and a master
degree in mathematics in finance from NYU.

Research Interests

Empirical and Theoretical Asset Pricing, Tail Risk, Tail Dependence, Risk Premium
and Conditional Moments, Investment Funds, Insurers' Catastrophic Risk, Agency 
costs and Managerial Compensation


University of Southern California
Marshall School of Business
3670 Trousdale Parkway, BRI 308
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0804

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