James Collins
Computer Science Games


Computer Science Games major at the University of Southern California
Expected Graduation: May, 2019
Github: jamescollinsusc

Hi! Welcome to my site. I am just starting to teach myself html and css, so this is my first go at it. Taking the time to pursue personal projects like this is a really big passion of mine. While I may be a Computer Science Games major, I don't only spend my time in Unity or Unreal Engine, but I pursue a whole host of tech related projects! I've also fallen into sprees of SQL, Android development, and Robotics, as you may have guessed at from my background. I mainly program in C++, Java, and C#. When I am not programming, I am probably doing work as the Social Events Officer of USC's branch of the Association for Computing Machinery. That image to the bottom right is a group picture of our Executive board. I'm throwing the double "FIGHT ON" in the back row. I'm also a member of Virtual Reality Southern California, and I am currently looking into making Unity games for the Google Cardboard. You can find more particulars about my work experience and awards from my resume, which is linked

James Collins's Resume

I went to high school at St. Paul's School in Concord, New Hampshire, where I was actively involved as captain of SPS's US First robotics team, the Metal Vidsters, number 1512. I was in charge of programming the autonomous mode for the competition, as well as all of the wiring. In high school, I was very interested in a breadth of tech related fiedls, such as robotics, artificial intelligence, and game design. It wasn't until applying to colleges that I narrowed down to game development, but I still am passionate about robotics, and occaisionally offer advice and assistance to my friends still on the team.

Science on a Sphere

The Science on a Sphere is a six foot diameter ball that hangs from the ceiling for spherical projections. A computer accurately splices image files into four parts and sends the fragments to the four different projectors surrounding the sphere. The SOS is capable of showing image files as well as movies, and also has annotation capabilities. In highschool, I learned to make SOS presentations, as well as an Echo Client interface to the server in Java. I wrote several programs to assist teachers in showing presentations on the sphere, including a User interface that allowed for automation of shifting through playlists. In the final semester of my senior year, I also experimented with using the line annotations on the sphere as part of a graphics class that I would eventually attempt to use to make a rudimentary version of Space Invaders. Unfortunately, the framerate dipped when adding too many annotations, and the game was unplayable on the Sphere. However, I was able to automate annotations to create fractal visualizations.


Email: jamescol@usc.edu
Github: jamescollinsusc
Facebook: James Collins

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