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My mission

When the Asian Financial Crisis erupted in 1997, my dad was confronted with great business and financial difficulties. Our properties were collected by the bank due to equity problems. My dad reassured us that no matter how difficult it was, we would conquer. At a tender age of seven, I asked myself what I should do when I grew up to keep our family business going and make my parents happy.

It has long been my aspiration to pursue a Business Administration major concentrating in global marketing to help my father develop and globalize his instant packaged food business, and to create jobs for many. In these years, although our world has become more advanced, many people still suffer from famine, especially in impoverished areas such as Africa. It is my mission to work towards global development and build solutions that would serve humanity across borders.


Global Marketing

"In the future, there will be two kinds of enterprises: those that go global and those that die."- Laurel Delaney