ITP 477 - Computer Forensics
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Course Objectives:

After Completing this course students will learn:

1) Fundamentals of Computer Forensics

2) Legal and Ethical issues related to Computer Forensics

3) Best practices and tips for gathering evidence in a secure fashion

4) Investigating attacks on Windows and Linux Machines

5) Evidence Collection from portable digtial devices (i.e. iPods, PDAs, Cell Phones)

Class Meets: Monday/Wednesday (9:00am - 11:00am)



Instructor Name: David Nardoni
Email: dnardoni [at]
Office Tel: TBA
Office Loc: TBA

Name: Chi So
Email: chiso [at]
Office Tel: TBA
Office Loc: TBA


Text : Computer Forensics, Kruse and Heiser, Addison Wesley
ISBN : 0201707195

Text : Digital Evidence and Computer Crime 2nd, Casey
ISBN : 0121631044

Instructor Handouts

Course Calendar:




Labs/Projects (TBA)

Lecture 1 Inroduction to Computer Forensics  
Lecture 2 Forensic Methodology and Process  
Lecture 3 Basic Networking Technology -
TCP/IP and Linux
Lecture 4 Hard Disk Basics


Lecture 5 Forensic Tools - Introduction to Encase  
Lecture 6 Investigating a Windows Machine - I  
Lecture 7 Investigating a Windows Machine - II  
Lecture 8 Email and Internet Forensics  
Lecture 9 Investigating a Linux Machine - I  
Lecture 10 Investigating a Linux Machine - II  
Lecture 11 Live Evidence Collection - Windows  
Lecture 12 Live Evidence Collection - Linux  
Lecture 13 Incident Response - I  
Lecture 14 Incident Response - II  
Lecture 15 Final Project Presentations  

Note: This is only a tentive schedual, it may change over the course of the semester.


Course Assignments:

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