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University of Southern California
Executive board of ISA. People who are running the organization. Behind the scene
E-Board 2011-2012
--: Executive Director :--
"Yan Ting Lye"
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia / London, England
...I can speak 4 languages...

--: Assistant Director :--
"yi Ge"
Qingdao, China
...I have the shortest name ever...

--: Director of Technology :--
"Roy ( Rohit )"
New Delhi, India
...I will try anything once, twice if i like it... :P

--: Director of Programming :--

--: Director of Public Relations :--
"Siera Tamihardja", Indonesia
...I used to be a clean freak: never walk barefoot and afraid to sit on grass. Now it's all gone, just like that!...

--: Director of Communications :--
"Janet Chan (Pou I)"

--: Director of Finance :--
"Kyrie Chie"
...I love to eat!...