Joining the Club

Interaxon welcomes all USC students, regardless of year or major. The material taught can be easily mastered by anyone who wants to learn, although many of our members are science majors seeking to supplement their education.

"I want in!"

Please fill out our online membership form here.

Frequently Asked Questions

"What are the membership requirements?"

We strive to make Interaxon an organization that is uniquely flexible on its demands on time so that students may volunteer as often as their schedule may allow. From one visit to many, contributions in any form from members are welcomed. But as with any organization, we value and reward commitment. We ask that to remain active, members participate in at least one event and attend its accompanying meetings. (Students abroad are, of course, exempted.)

"I'm not a neuroscience/science major. Can I still join?"

Of course! We are predominantly science majors who share a passion for learning about the brain, but we welcome all majors and interests. The material we teach is more than manageable, and you will be armed with lesson plans with rehearsals with experienced members. Enthusiasm is the only requirement!

"How often does Interaxon meet?"

General membership meetings will be announced by email and the website, generally once every two weeks. Open Executive Board meetings will occur weekly. Teams visiting schools will be responsible for rehearsing separately according to individual schedules.

"I want be more involved in Interaxon. How do I get in a leadership position?"

Our Executive Board elections for the 2012-2013 school year will take place in April 2012. There are also many other options for becoming more involved. All of our E-Board meetings are open-- everyone is welcome to come to voice their ideas and help out. We also have an interview-based E-Board position for members with a demonstrated commitment to the club; e-mail for details.

"Your t-shirts are awesome. How do I get one?"

You will receive a free Interaxon American Apparel t-shirt with your $20 membership dues. If you don't want to join the club at this time, but would like a shirt anyway (they are pretty sweet!), the price is $15. Please contact to arrange a time to pick up your new shirt!