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Interaxon is a dynamic club at USC which visits underserved elementary, middle, and secondary schools to teach students about neuroscience in particular and science in general. Through interactive presentations and activities, we hope to share our enthusiasm for the brain by offering a unique exposure to the field and higher education in the sciences.

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USC Students

Interaxon is a great opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students interested neuroscience, psychology, and other sciences to offer and apply their knowledge in a rewarding experience. However, this program is NOT only for science majors! We welcome students from all fields of study. Members will be able to receive hands-on teaching experience helping to design their own presentations, create posters and props, and join USC's larger mission to create a stronger bond to the surrounding Los Angeles community. If you are interested in joining Interaxon, please go to the Join tab to learn more.

Teachers and Schools

If you would like Interaxon to visit your school, please send us an email at interaxn@usc.edu with the name of your school, how we can contact you and about how many students will attend our presentations. We would love to hear from you!

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