Membership Form

Dear Interaxon’s newest member,

We’re delighted to have you! Just so you know, USC Interaxon membership is open to all University of Southern California students, regardless of year or major – we welcome diversity and perspective. And our membership requirements are flexible: we hope that you will volunteer your time and dedication as often as you would like, from visiting one school to as many as we can schedule.

We’re a fairly new club (our first active semester was Spring 2010), which means that while we hope that you’ll bear with us while some wrinkles are ironed out, it is also an enormous opportunity for all of us to shape something wonderful for years to come. We certainly hope that you’ll take it – this is an open invitation to speak up, to offer suggestions, to be always looking for avenues of improvement.

We certainly hope to see you soon. Let’s get down to business and teach some kids about brains!
All best from Interaxon's Executive Board