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A leader is best when people barely know he exists, not so good when people obey and acclaim him, worse when they despise him... But of a good leader who talks little when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say, 'We did it ourselves.'" - Lao Tzu

executive board 09-10

Brenda Yang

President, Sophomore, currently majoring in Neuroscience
She has always loved teaching, and hopes that Interaxon, by offering fascinating subject matter with a big smile, can begin to show these K-12 students how much science has to offer. Reading, eating, and bad pun enthusiast.
contact at: brendaya(at)usc(dot)edu

John Choi

External Vice-President, Sophomore, majoring in Biology
To refresh the little mad scientists we discovered within ourselves in grade school and instigate the same passion for learning in children whose paradigm of that prodigious study may be unfavorable, Interaxon is like a person whose left side of his body is partly missing; it's more than all right.
contact at: johnhcho(at)usc(dot)edu

Amitha Ganti

External Vice-President, Sophomore, majoring in Neuroscience
Amitha has loved teaching K-8 children back home in the Bay Area. She hopes that through USC Interaxon, she will get a chance to share her favorite subject with some L.A. kids and convert them all to mad brain scientists. Her favorite foods are buttermilk and garlic.
contact at: ganti(at)usc(dot)edu

Bryant Khoo

Internal Vice-President, sophomore, majoring in Biology
contact at: bkhoo(at)usc(dot)edu

Minnie Jan

Internal Vice-President, Sophomore, majoring in Neuroscience
contact at: minniej(at)usc(dot)edu

Tiffany Chang

Treasurer, Sophomore, majoring in Biology
contact at: chang10(at)usc(dot)edu

Andrew Cho

Outreach Officer, Freshman, majoring in Biology
contact at: choandrew(at)usc(dot)edu

Katherine Fu

Project Director, Freshman, majoring in Neuroscience
Katherine has always loved learning more about the brain as well as meeting new people and interacting with others. In addition to her passion for the sciences, she also greatly enjoys music and playing the viola.
contact at: kathfu(at)usc(dot)edu

Sofanit Berhane

Creative Director, Junior, majoring in Neuroscience
contact at: sberhane(at)usc(dot)edu

Meg Dolohanty

Secretary, Sophomore, Neuroscience major & Business minor
Besides being involved in Interaxon, Meg is VP Chapter Relations and Standards of Alpha Chi Omega. She is so excited to teach children about the brain, as it's her favorite organ! contact at: dolohant(at)usc(dot)edu

Jenny Wang

Social Chair, sophomore, majoring in Health Promotion
contact at: wangjj(at)usc(dot)edu