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There are two options for becoming a member of IEEE at USC:
  • Become a paid member: Paid members are given priority at special events that have limited openings (such as our annual networking dinner, S-PAC). To qualify as a paid member of IEEE at USC, one must first register with IEEE National and pay the annual student membership fee. You may do so by clicking HERE.

    Once you have registered with IEEE National and paid your annual dues, please fill out the following form to receive recognition as a paid member of our student branch: click HERE.
  • Become a general member: General members are welcome to attend all of our events but are not given priority at special events that have limited openings. They are not required to purchase student membership through IEEE National.

    You become a general member of our student branch by (1) simply signing up for our mailing list online or (2) attending an IEEE event and signing up for our mailing list there. We strongly encourage general members to be active and involved, but we do not require them to attend a minimum number of events.

    Click HERE to sign up for our mailing list and join as a general member.

If you have any further questions about becoming a member of IEEE at USC, please send an e-mail to Please include "IEEE membership" in the subject line of your e-mail.


The IEEE student branch at USC provides great professional and social networking opportunities for students interested in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Here are some of the events we organize for our members:

IEEE Spotlight Speaker Series:

Every two months, IEEE at USC spotlights one of the following four areas of Electrical Engineering: (1) Communication, Control and Signal Processing, (2) Computer Engineering, (3) Electromagnetics and Solid State, and (4) Electronic Devices and Circuits. During each spotlight, we invite an industry representative as well as professor who does work in the designated area of Electrical Engineering. These speakers come to our general IEEE meetings and present cutting edge research and exciting industry opportunities to our members. Industry speakers are also often interested in recruiting at these meetings.

Student Professional Awareness Conference (S-PAC):

One of our largest events, S-PAC is our annual professional networking dinner. Students are able to meet and talk to industry representatives over dinner, pass out resumes, and hear an IEEE National speaker present relevant topics about career and personal growth.

Professional and Academic Opportunities:

In addition to bringing corporate and academic speakers to our general meetings, we organize various events for our members to go explore facilities in industry and academia. In the past, we organized a tour of the SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, CA. Other ideas we have been working on are an Engineering Shadow Day with Qualcomm and tours of state-of-the-art research laboratories on campus.

Social Outings:

From our annual Welcome Back Beach Bonfire to our UCLA-USC Broomball Showdown, we provide a wide range of fun activities for our members to enjoy. We know that engineering is a rigorous field of study, so we want to make sure our members have a chance to relax and hang out! Also keep an eye out for our legendary Annual IEEE Soccer Tournament.

Community Outreach:

Our community outreach efforts are a fairly new initiative, but we are excited to bring more volunteering opportunities to our members! In the past, we were able to mentor the local FIRST Robotics team from Foshay Learning Center. We hope to collaborate with other Viterbi student organizations to introduce youth in our local community to science and engineering.

National IEEE Membership:

These benefits only apply to students who have registered and paid for student membership with IEEE National. Student membership in the national IEEE organization offers engineers a variety of resources and opportunities. With membership comes a subscription to the monthly IEEE Spectrum Magazine, full of articles about the many different fields of engineering, as well as present and future problems to which engineers may apply their skills. Specifically for students, IEEE National provides scholarship opportunities, as well as valuable career and employment resources to help them find a great job.

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