Scheduled Events

Student-Professional Awareness Conference

When: Monday, Feb 3, 6.00pm-9.00pm (sign-up by Jan 29)
Where: Vineyard Room, Davidson Conference Center
The Student-Professional Awareness Conference (S-PAC) is IEEE@USC annual signature event. At the event, students will get an opportunity to hear a speech from a IEEE professional about the engineering discipline, enjoy a free three course meal catered by USC Hospitality, and interact with company representatives from the different emphases of Electrical Engineering.
Our speaker this year is Jonathan Chew, a passionate engineer that enjoys helping and inspiring other people to reach their full potential. He is currently working at Walt Disney Imagineering as a Project Coordinator and has previously worked at biotech company Amgen as well as interned at Raytheon. His talk at this S-PAC will be on Daily Personal Life Management, which provides simple tips and advice on time-management and other issues for students to begin their career paths on the right track.
Companies in attendance this year currently include Boeing, Intel, Leidose (former SAIC), Northrup Grumman, Qualcomm, Sandia National Laboratories and Southern California Edison. This event offers a great chance to interact with representatives from these companies in an intimate and low-pressure setting, allowing much more in-depth conversation to be held.
Please fill in the sign-up sheet and also turn in a refundable deposit of $20 (location TBA) by Wednesday, January 29. Link to the sign-up sheet is as follows:

IEEE Quiz Bowl

When: Tuesday, 1/28 and Wednesday, 1/29, 8.00pm-9.00pm
Where: TBA
Come join us for a trivia Quiz Bowl competition hosted by IEEE. You can win some awesome prizes (gift cards, t-shirts, etc.) while learning about random engineering and non-engineering facts. Dinner will be provided.

Micro-mouse Info-sessions

When: Thursday, Jan 30, 8.00pm-9.00pm
Where: TBA
USC IEEE just started a Micromouse design team last semester! Micromouse is an engineering competition created by IEEE where a small robotic mouse traverses a 16 by 16 maze. The goal is to get this mouse to reach the middle of the maze as fast as possible on its own. All types of skills will be involved and it's a great way to get hands on experience with research and development. Come to any of the info-sessions to learn how you can be more involved in the team!

IEEE Philanthropy: Inspiring Future Engineers

When: Spring 2014
Place: TBA
We are looking for people to volunteer to give a presentation about a topic in electrical engineering to the local school just north of USC campus! It is a great opportunity to share your knowledge with the next generation! Times are flexible and will be scheduled early NEXT semester, Spring 2014. Email our Philanthropy Chair Stanley at for more information if you’re interested!

T-shirt Design Competition

When: Now -- End of February
Where: N/A
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is getting new shirts for the new year and we need help designing it, so of course this means we shall be holding a shirt designing competition! Applicants DO NOT need to be a student of Viterbi, so tell ALL your friends.
The requirements for the shirt are simple:
1) say "IEEE" somewhere
2) choose 2 colors of print ink and a color for the shirt itself
Winners will be awarded a shirt with the winning design on it and a gift card of your choice! Just send your ideas in to! Contest ends the last day of February!

E-Week: M&M Picking Contest w Chopsticks

When: Thursday, 2/18 3.00pm-6:00pm
Where: Kick-Off Carnival
Great at using chopsticks? Love M&M? Come to our M&M Picking Contest to compete with your fellow engineers to see who can pick up the most M&Ms in a set time and win cool prizes! This event will be held in conjunction with the Kick-Off Carnival so you can check out the many other booths present at the carnival when you are not concentrating on picking up the M&Ms.

Volunteer for Viterbi Career Fair

When: Wednesday, Feb 5, 7.30am-4pm (there are multiple slots)
Where: Engineering Quad
Viterbi is looking for volunteers to help out with the Viterbi Career Fair next Wednesday, Feb 5. This is a great way for you to make connections with Viterbi employers. Student volunteers will assist employers as they arrive and other event assistance for Viterbi. Volunteers are still needed for the following slots
7.30am-8.30am, 8.30am-10.30am, 12.00pm-2.00pm, 2.00pm-4.00pm
Please sign-up at the following form if you are interested to volunteer
Sign Up Link
Powell Hall of Information Sciences and Engineering, University Park Campus, Los Angeles, CA 90089
Powell Hall of Information Sciences and Engineering, University Park Campus, Los Angeles, CA 90089