Student Professional Awareness Conference (S-PAC)

Engineers must be professionally proficient, astute and acutely aware of their responsibility to society. Student Professional Awareness Conferences or S-PACS (pronounced "ess-paks") explore the broader subjects that affect engineers' careers.

S-PACs were first introduced in 1979 as a method of increasing professional awareness in a student's technical education. Since then, these conferences have become a strong force for improving the engineering profession. S-PACs give students an opportunity to learn from the varied experiences of successful engineers.

S-PACs are structured events where students listen to experienced engineers from diverse backgrounds speak on a topic from one of six categories: Career Growth, Working, Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility, Self-Management, Engineers and Public Policy, or The Importance of a Professional Society to You.

After the talk, students have a chance to interact with the speakers and industry representatives in an intimate, low-pressure setting. S-PACs allow corporate representatives to see what students are really like and vice versa.

For more information or to sign up email: We look forward to your presence at our S-PAC!

Powell Hall of Information Sciences and Engineering, University Park Campus, Los Angeles, CA 90089