Game Statement: Pharaoh's secret

This game is an Escape Game based on Virtual Reality Environment. Player should wear VR Glass and operate with game handles. When player push the button under the handle, he/she can...... When player click the upper button, he/she can.....

The goal is to resolve all the puzzles to make the protector opened and get the Bell out.

Here is the Demo that shows how the player handles the game.

Game screenshots

Here are some immersive scenes in game.

Bck of Obelisk

Front view of victory with bell

Colorful scene

Right result

To turn it all green

Circuit diagram

Key diagram

Inheritance diagram

"Grab the heavy stuff"

About Team

Our Team has total number of seven

They are .......

Yufei Xie
Huichen Zheng
Xuefeng Yan
Yu Tian
Hengxiang Chen
Jiayi Ren
Jianing Xu