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I am a graduate student in the Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Southern California. I am pursuing my Masters program in Electrical Engineering since Spring 2010.


I am actively looking for challenging full-time entry-level and internship positions in the field of Electrical Engineering focusing on Digital System Design, CMOS VLSI IC Design (Digital and Analog/Mixed-Signal) starting Jan 2011/May 2011 (Spring/Summer term) where I can contribute to the company's growth with my technical expertise while expanding my practical knowledge in the chosen domain.

My current research revolves around the 'Retinal Neural Circuit Design' under Professor Dr. Alice Parker. The research is a part of her Biomimetic Real Time cortex project.


Master of Science

in Electrical Engineering [Jan 2010 - Aug 2011, expected]

Bachelor of Engineering

in Electrical & Electronics [Aug 2005 - Jun 2009]


Softwares & Tools


Operating System

Current Activities

   - Spring 2011 Courses

   - Research work - Retinal Neural Circuit design

   - Learning Perl scripting for efficient simulation control


       Patented Undergraduate Research Project - Electronic Braille Enterprise

       Paper Presentation - First Prize and several cash awards at National Level Technical Conference and Paper Presentation Symposium for presenting my paper on New Design of DC Generator

       Robotics - Special Appreciation Prize and won applauds at several National Level Robotics display

       National Level Circuit Debugging - Third Prize for the year 2008 conducted at Prince Shri Venkateshwara Padmavathy Engineering College, affiliated to Anna University

       Designed and implemented several non-terrestrial robots for various National Level Technical events and won accolades by presenting them

       National Level Brain Teasers - Third Prize in a competition for school and college students combinedly, while representing my School during the High School year 2004. Won similar awards in a number of Mathematics and Science contests during the school days.

       Chosen as one of the USC Student Innovator for the year 2010 for my research project i-Bran: Electronic Braille Enterprise

       Won full funding for my undergraduate research project i-Bran, among 100+ other projects

       Lead the undergraduate Electrical & Electronics department's Robotics team for 2 years in designing several challenging robots for competitions and display events

       Represented my school and undergraduate college in numerous National Level Technical and sporting events

My Biggest Accomplishment -  Yet to come!


Spring 2011 Overview


VLSI System Design - II

Advanced graduate level course on VLSI system design, applying all the techniques learnt so far. Course comprises of a VLSI Design Project (Verilog); chip level design issues; power and clock distribution, packaging, I/O; design techniques; testability; chip fabrication and test.

Verilog Project: DDR2 memory controller


Mixed Signal IC Design - II

Advanced mixed-signal design course with emphasis on data-converter architectures and implementations.

Comprehensive design project.


Retinal Neural Circuit Design

I started this research under Professor Dr. Alice Parker in Fall-2010. The research is continued through this Spring, with characterizing and analyzing designed circuits/cells; working with PhD student Ko-Chung Tseng. Research is a part of The BioRC Biomimetic Real-Time Cortex Project.

On-Campus Employment

I am working as Graduate Research Assistant/Grants co-ordinator assistant at the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism under Ralph Wipfli, Sponsored Research Co-ordinator and Carolyn McLaurine Bryant, Grant & Finance Administrator.

20-hours per week - student worker position; working since March 2010.

My duties range from creating and maintaining the Annenberg Research Database, maintain records of Research proposals and Funding, etc. This kind of work requires me to work closely with faculty and their research related issues.

All information presented in this website are true to the best of my knowledge

I assume all responsibility for the website

Hariharan Subramanian