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Stepping On

U NEVER try, how do u know u DISLIKE it?

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A baby spends 1,000 hrs to learn to walk.

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Marking My Progress

Beautiful Damages to My Board.

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Once you start skateboarding,
it'll blow your mind.

Watching X Games--Skateboarding on TV channel when I was only 10, I believed I would NEVER step on such stupid wood with four wheels.

Ironically, as my preferred clubs in my college were all fulled, I was accidentally attracted by NTU Skateboarding Club because that might be my only choice of clubbing.

This unexpected choice turns out to be the BEST sport I have ever had.

One of my skateboarding sessions at Stoner Skate Plaza.

Always cheers me up!
Cheeeezz :)+<]:

No one is saint, we all have once suffered from stressful events: low grades, breaking up with someone, or lost of our loved. We shall all have our solutions to give ourselves a pull to leave such shadow.

To me, skateboarding seems to be my most effective way to do so. A simple push to the ground, guiding myself forward, allows me to escape from hustling life. The pure feeling of air passing by worths being enjoyed over and over again, like my sadness, pressure, burden are all taken away. Sometimes cruising on the campus or in the city, having no specific direction to go, is the simplest way to calm myself. Time is then seemly slowed down, providing me with the oppurtunity to value simple, yet often ignored, things in our daily life.

No one knows his/her potential.
You can land it.

Ollie, kickflips, heelflips, pop shuvits, treflips...and hundreds more, there are all the trick names in skateboarding. I called skateboarding a sport above, but I really do not want to classify it into the sport catagory. Because different from other sports, skateboarding takes brave to do tricks. Besides, there is no grading for skateboarding since there is no judging system in skateboarding, even no teachers in skateboarding. Everyone is everyone's teacher.

Oh sorry, I'm not persuading you to step into the world of skateboarding like a company holder, though I have to admit I am little bit in the motion. But what I want to express and convey is:

It is the characteristics of skateboarding that makes everyone different, special, or more to say "significant"! Skateboarders learn new tricks which are just a tiny level above their capability. Please do not get me wrong, it's not that kind of hot head rushing into things, but is to try, test, or probe how much we might do, or even we CAN do. That's why I said no one knows his/her potential. Who knew I can flip a board or grind a rail when I started skateboarding in my 18?

Who knows what you can land in next 10 years?
I hope I don't.

The above footage is my friend, Matt Chou, and I skated at National Taiwan
University, Fall 2010. I was in white T-shirt :)

Sometimes falling down...
I can't give it up, just can't.

Just like other sports, skateboarding pushes me down sometimes. Often I fall down and bail hundreds of times, but land no tricks. I even hate how I am discouraged by skateboarding, but I cannot give it up. Yes, I can't, I just CAN'T.

I may bail or fall down again in the next try.
But if I am not going to give it another shot, I will even lose the chance of landing it.

Perhaps these 102 bails may accomplish the success next time.

Homies support.
Everyone counts.

I met lots of friends in skateboarding. They might not be experts or professionals in Computer Science area. They are just people we see in daily life, cashiers, college students, workers, and so on. But when we skate together, everybody becomes the best friend of each other, just like a FAMILY.

                                                                                                                                        This one takes my homies and I skating in Taiwan in between 2009 - 2013.

We love having fun when skating.
We encourage each other when seeing someone is upset by a trick.
We take care of ourselves in prevention from injuries.


From the social aspect of skateboarding, I learned how to appreciate what people do, what each person does, because we all have our own advantages with respect to different personalities.

We are all given ones, and everyone counts.

Hell yeah, finally! Bro fist.

    "Work your ass off until you figure it out."
    - Dr. Tae

No one guarantees prospective success. But I believe practice pays off, no matter in mental or in practical aspect.

You know what? Life is just so surprising and unexpected. Everytime I learn a new trick, I always can't help but ask myself
"OMG, is this really happening?! I have to tell everyone in the world that I finally landed it."

My face cannot hide that pleasure, can I?

This is how we celebrate Christmas! (Skaters: Hsuan-Yueh Peng and Matt Chou)

Is that good?
See for myself.

I always love to touch new things, new types of food, new media types, new released music, and skateboarding is no exception.

I like to explore different skate parks available to me. Every time when I arrive a new skate park, it comes a list of questions challenging me:
Could I grind this ledge?
If I flip over this gap, how do I land smoothly?
Whether should I do it frontside or backside?
What if I can really land them? Or even nail them down?!

If it is possible, I hope everyone go exploring the world. Not for skateboarding, but for him/herself. Because every place can be sparkling.

Marking my progress,
beautiful damages.

I want to share this photo with you guys because these two boards show my progress.

Skateboarding, like other sports, costs when buying new gears. Thus, whenever I am grinding/sliding my new board or trucks, I feels sad. :(
I have even snapped my board for more than one time, and my heart is almost broken...

But that's life, isn't it? In order to progress, we all have to do some give-n-take.

Just like skateboarding, the ugly damage marking might turn out to be the most beautiful sign of progress. When you turn back to see it some day, pleasure is revealed on your face, eyes and mouth so natually, because that is something that makes you proud.

This video above records my another clip at Stoner Skate Plaza.

        O+< ]:
Skateboarding gets me creative.

Though not drawn by myself, this image on right is actually created by using "paint" by A Zhu Cai , one of my homies in skateboarding. Yes, the default "paint" in any current Windows OS systems you use. Amazing, right?

In computer graphics area, people use both left brain and right brain in coding and in doing animation. That is because when you are making some masterpiece, you must let your creativity go; however, you also need to conserve logic thinking in physics laws, consider real hardware constraints, and keep efficient and clear programming style. Skateboarding means the same to me. I perform different, combined tricks on different spots. Sometimes even a flat ground could bring simple pleasure to me, and that is all because skateboarding always stirs up my creativity.

When I skate, I view what I'm doing an ART.

Success takes risks!
Failure is expected.

I am often asked: isn't skateboarding dangerous?
and my answer is YES.

In the world of skateboarding, everyone knows the truth: "failure is expected, and success takes risks". Even a 7-year-old skater knows it! But this is something I never learned in school.

I believe this is also TRUE for any accomplishment!

In physics experiments, in software programming, in business establishment, or in composing music, who gets rised and shine in his/her first try? Skateboarding teaches me to accept failure in a proper way. Please do not misunderstand me, not the passive way to view or ignore the failure, but to retrospect myself positively, learn from previous experience and do re-correction for the next shot. The risks I took, the failure I experienced, and the pain I suffered will all help me in future success.

I am Hsuan-Yueh Peng. I am a skateboarder. I love skateboarding.