Hong Seok Choi received his B.S. in Applied Physcis from Konkuk University in South Korea and M.S. in Materials Science from Universiy of Southern California(USC). Currently, he is working in Armani Research Group for his PhD study at USC. For undergraduate research, he was working on growth of carbon nanotube with Ni or Co catalyst. Then, he was working on the synthesis and anlysis of the nanoparticles (Au, CdSe, InAs(core)/ZnSe(Shell) and dislocation analysis of the interface of GaAs/InxGa1-xAs using Transmission Electron Microscopy. He is currently working on hybrid microresonators to investigate different optical response against pure silica microtorid. Also, he is investigating non linear effects of hybrid devices and materials characterization using the devices.

Research Interests

Hong Seok Choi is interested in non linear effects of optical materials and materials characterization using optical microcavities.

Whispering-gallery-mode (WGM) optical microresonators, such as microspheres, toroids, and disks have been studied intensively for various applications. Among those geometries, microtoroid resonant cavities have been intensively studied due to its planar geometry on chip, small mode volume, and ultra-high Q (UHQ). However, there are limitations such as surface modification, the change of mode location, and the control of mode volume with monolithic optical device. Therefore, my current research is focusing on studying new phenomena using hybrid structures to overcome the limit of monolithic optical devices.