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Harshit Gulati

Graduate Student
Computer Science Department
University of Southern California

Technical Skills

Web Development Skills :
HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, AJAX, JQuery, Javascript, PHP, DOM
Programming Languages :
Servers and API’s:
EC2, Apache, Tomcat, Android, Facebook, Twitter Bootstrap
SoftwareTools and OperatingSystems:


Property search using Zillow & Bootstrap, JQuery and Facebook Mashup

  • Developed a responsive website using Bootstrap to search for real estate
  • Backend was developed in php and website is hosted on EC2 using AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • Zillow API was used to fetch property information
  • Website was integrated with Facebook API to post property information on users Facebook profile

Reversi/Othello - Next Move Predictor (Java Application)

Starting with a board position, this program builds a search tree of all the possible board positions that can be played between a player and the opponent and suggests the best possible move based on heuristics.
  • Min-Max game playing and Alpha-Beta pruning algorithms were used to predict next move and limit the search space to relevant search branches.

Path finder for Internet Router

Developed a Java application that allows the user to apply breadth first search, depth first search, uniform cost search, A* and greedy search to find the optimal path for routing

Inference Engine

Developed a Java application that implements backward-chaining algorithm and determine whether a given query can be inferred from the information given in the knowledge base.

Android Applications

Property search, Weather predictor and cheapest path using google maps(In progress)

My Resume

You can download my resume for your reference and I hope that we will meet very soon! :)

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