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Joe Guzi
Joseph Guzi is a Certificate Student in the GIST Program at the University of Southern California. He is GIS Programmer at the Stark County Auditor's GIS Department where he is responsible for programming and automating GIS tasks, as well as, designing and building web map applications. He is also responsible for Geodatabase upgrades, assisting other government entities with GIS needs, and is a member of the Stark County Incident Management and Assistance Team(IMAT). As a part of the IMAT he assists the team with GIS needs so that the incident can be taken care in an efficient manner while ensuring the safety of those involved. Joseph is beginning his third class toward his Certificate and expects to be graduated in 2014. He is interested in Web map applications using the Javascript API, GIS Programming with python, Enterprise Geodatabases, and Cartography.

Weekly Assignments.
Home Week2 - HTML Week2 - Javascript Week 4 - My First Google Map Week 4 - My First Dynamic Google Map
Week 4 - My First Marker Map Week 4 - My Second Marker Map Week 4 - Joe's Neighborhood Watch Map Week 4 - Joe's Info Window With Photo Week 4 - Joe's Info Window With Video
Week 4 - Joe's Zoom In Window Week 4 - Joe's Marker Clusterer

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