Peter Ara Guekguezian

University of Southern California
Ph.D. Student, Department of Linguistics

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Conference Presentations

Guekguezian, Peter. 2016. Acoustic Evidence for Multiple, Quantity-Sensitive Stress in Chukchansi Yokuts. Paper presented at 19th Annual Workshop on American Indigenous Languages (WAIL 19). Santa Barbara, CA. May 7-8.

Guekguezian, Peter. 2016. Cyclic Morphosyntax Meets Parallel Phonology. Paper presented at the Linguistic Society of America 2016 Annual Meeting. Washington, DC. January 7-10.

Guekguezian, Peter. 2015. The Perfect 'Boundedness Bias' as Feature Licensing. Paper presented at the Perfect: Variation Workshop. Trondheim, Norway. November 5-7.

Guekguezian, Peter. 2015. PWd Recursion Parallels Morphosyntax in Creek Grades. Poster presented at 2015 Annual Meeting on Phonology. Vancouver, BC. October 9-11.
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Guekguezian, Peter. 2014. Verb Root Shape in Yokuts: a Consequence of Morphological and Prosodic Structure. Paper presented at the 45th Meeting of the North East Linguistics Society. Cambridge, MA. October 30-November 1.

Guekguezian, Peter. 2014. The Great Chukchansi Yokuts Iambic Conspiracy Poster presented at Phonology 2014. Cambridge, MA. September 19-21.
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Guekguezian, Peter. 2014. Two Aspectual Puzzles in Saisiyat: an Argument for [co] Agreement Paper Presented at the 50th Meeting of the Chicago Linguistics Society. Chicago, IL. April 11-13.
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Guekguezian, Peter. 2013. Locality Requirements in Reduplication: SyllableProximity-BR. Poster presented at Phonology 2013. Amherst, MA. November 9-10.
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