Peter Ara Guekguezian

University of Southern California
Ph.D. Student, Department of Linguistics

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Conference Proceedings

Guekguezian, Peter. 2016. Two Aspectual Puzzles in Saisiyat: an Argument for [co] Agreement. In Papers from the 50th Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistics Society (CLS 50). Chicago, IL.

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Guekguezian, Peter. 2015. Verb Root Shape in Yokuts: Evidence for Homologous Cycles in Syntax and Phonology. In Proceedings of the 45th Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society (NELS 45), eds. Thuy Bui and Deniz Ozyildiz. University of Massachusetts Graduate Linguistics Student Association.

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Guekguezian, Peter. 2015. Root Shape Change in Chukchansi Yokuts as a Phonological Result of Cyclic Spellout. Paper written to Qualify for Dissertation Candidacy (4th Year).

Guekguezian, Peter. 2013. Two Aspectual Puzzles in Saisiyat. Ph.D. Screening Paper (3rd Year).
Accompanying Handout (November 2013)

Guekguezian, Peter. 2013. Boundary-Proximity Constraints in Order-Disrupting Reduplication. M.A. Thesis (2nd Year, University of Southern California)
Accompanying Handout (October 2013)

Guekguezian, Peter. 2011. Topics in Chukchansi Yokuts Phonology and Morphology. M.A. Thesis (California State University, Fresno).