Guangwen (Crystal) Kong            
 Ph. D. Candidate 
 Information and Operations Management Department                         
 Marshall School of Business
 University of Southern California                                                            

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests:

 Supply Chain Management,  Service Operations,  E-Commerce, Game Theory and   Optimization, Information Asymmetry and Incentives, Behavioral Decision Making


Title: Essays on Information, Incentives and Operational Strategies

Dissertation Committee: Sampath Rajagopalan (Chair), Hao Zhang, Ramandeep Randhawa, Greys Sosic, Gad AllonIsabelle Brocas


  1. Guangwen Kong, Sampath Rajagopalan and Hao Zhang. Revenue Sharing and Information Leakage in a Supply Chain. Management Science, Forthcoming
  2. Guangwen Kong and Daoli Zhu. An Improved NIRA Algorithm of Nash Equilibrium and Its Application. Automation and Logistics, 2007 IEEE International Conference, pp 2508-2585, 18-21 August, 2007
  3. Jianghua Zhang, Guangwen Kong,  Daoli Zhu and Qiang Han. Two Phases Algorithm of Transport Network Design Problem. Wireless Communication, Networking and Mobile Computing, WiCom 2007 International Conference, pp 6533-6536, 21-25 Sept 2007.

Working Papers:

  1.  Pricing and Quality Differentiation for a Service with Heterogeneous Customers  (with Sampath Rajagopalan and Hao Zhang), Manuscript in Preparation 
  2.  Groupon for Service: Is It a Good Deal?  (with Ramandeep Randhawa), Work in Progress



   BUAD 311 Section 14912R Operations Management (Undergraduate Core), USC 2011


Upcoming Presentations:

I will attend the INFORMS Annual Conference in Phoenix and I will present two working papers: 

Tuesday, Oct 16, TD27, 16:30 - 18:00: Groupon for Service: Is it a Good Deal?

Wednesday, Oct 17, WC27, 13:30 - 15:00:  Pricing A Service with Observable but Noncontractible Quality for Heterogeneous Customers.


   USC Marshall School of Business

   Department of Information and Operations Management

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  Phone: (213) 740-0289